ESCI 302

CJ#1: My Past To My Children’s Present

When I first started thinking about what the environment means to me, I couldn’t help but think of it in the context of my own children. Wall Kimmerer asked her students “Have you ever wondered how the world got to be put together so beautifully?” (Wall Kimmerer, 2013, p. 216). When I read this I was brought back to all the times I’ve pointed out to my kids the different birds in the trees in our backyard, or the hoar frost that has settled on every surface on certain winter mornings, or the Hungarian partridge tracks that are scattered all over the yard. I was inspired to make a visual representation of my desire to pass my connection with the environment onto my children. I chose to use the theme of youth in my visual representation and used the shape of a mobile. I wanted to connect  my children’s relationship and my connection with the environment and used the theme of Waskesiu Lake because this is such an important location from my childhood and is where I have always felt the most connected to the natural world. This is also where we take our children every year and where I try to show them all the amazing and beautiful things that nature has to offer us.

“I so wanted them to see the world beyond the boundaries of their own skins” (Wall Kimmerer, 2013, p. 219) sums up perfectly why I try so hard to pass my love of nature onto my children. With the slow intrusion of technology during our time at the lake, it can be challenging making sure they are taking the time to really appreciate how beautiful Waskesiu is. I was inspired to use photos of each of my children, from their first summer in Waskesiu when they were just babies, to our most recent summer there. On the back of each wood slice, I printed a quote from our readings of Wall Kimmerer and Orr that really spoke to me and reminded me of why I try to teach my children to pay attention to their surroundings and the wonder of the natural world.

2 thoughts on “CJ#1: My Past To My Children’s Present”

  1. 1. Your visual representation is beautiful, as you put a lot of effort and time into it! Well done! You have also found a way to connect your experiences with your children’s experiences (how you and your family are connected to the environment).
    2. I like how you used quotations from the reading to make connections. Your citations flow with your story, as there are no hanging quotes.
    3. Your visual representation and blog post is well done, but maybe for next time you could try and challenge yourself and make connections to more than one reading.
    I enjoyed reading your story and seeing your visual representation, and how they both reveal your connections to the environment!


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