Ecoliteracy Poem

I love you
Not only for what you are
But for who you are trying to be

I love you
For how much you are trying to change
And for how you are inspiring those around you to change with you

I love you for figuring out how to solve
The simple math equation
Of giving when you receive, of restoring balance when balance has been lost

Even when it takes time or money or convenience away
I love you for understanding which currency should and does matter
And for not hesitating to pay back your eco-debts

You ignore the optics and the critics
And you just breathe and live and be
In the calmness, in the green-ness, in the stillness

I love you for looking around
And not seeing just this or that
But for truly seeing this that lives in that

I love you for feeling the rhythm of nature
And for being open to learning from the true teacher
Not a parent, or grandparent, or school teacher, but the earth teacher

And for challenging the challengers
And providing tension where it’s needed
And weaving together all that we can prove, and not prove, and feel, and love

I love you for that too…

And when all is said and done
And we are dying
And we are done

I will love you for following your original instructions
And for trying to return this home
To those from whom we borrowed it

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